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Do Community Connections Matter when Hiring Contractors for Projects?

You’ve heard the words before: “shop local.” But why does this matter? Today we will discuss why it’s important to hire contractors that are invested in their communities.

Rippin Edge is a local hydrovac company that is passionate about supporting the local economy and being active in the community. Just some of the initiatives the company is pleased to support include Ronald McDonald House, the Rhinos Volleyball Club, Mallaig Minor Baseball, and more.

You may also catch Rippin Edge filling up at the local water stations in Fort Kent, Elk Point, Bonnyville, and Cold Lake; catching a bite at Clark’s Eatery, or cheering for the Voyageurs. This is a company that knows the value of community, and loves being a part of it for work and play.

When project managers hire local contractors like Rippin Edge, they show that they, too, support the community and enjoy creating jobs. These managers enjoy better communication and agility when issues arise, and benefit from locals that know the terrain, the people, and the area. Let’s take a closer look at these attributes.

Show Your Commitment to the Community

Not every construction job, project, or infrastructure change is met with enthusiasm from the community. Just look at the discussions that pop up every time someone says “pipeline!” Project managers must walk a very fine balance between getting the work done and maintaining good community relations, especially when territorial land, historic structures, farms, etc. will be impacted.

Bringing a local hydrovac and other local contractors onto the project helps corporations convey their interest in supporting the community.

Create Jobs

Importing labour takes away from the local hydrovac and other contractors that are right here and ready to work. Large projects often mention how many jobs they are creating – it’s best to follow through by leveraging local contractors during the project in addition to hiring locals once the project is completed.

Agility and Communication

Many local contractors are agile, fully equipped, and most importantly, experienced in the weather and terrain conditions.

Bringing in cross-border companies based solely on their size, fees, and reputation could backfire. Massive corporations tend to have a lot of meetings and decision making is slow due to the chain of command.

Smaller local companies give you direct access to the owners, managers, and decision makers, ensuring that communication is clear and the people you need to communicate with are easy to access.

On-Site Training and Orientation

Major project sites require contractors to first undergo training and orientation that is specific to the project or company. Local contractors have already undergone most of these sessions, enabling them to get to site, and to work, faster than a team that must travel in and then do the training program.

Community Investment

Local hydrovac companies and other contractors care about the community and demonstrate this support through supporting local sports teams and charity events. When you hire local companies for your project, you can be assured that they care about the long-term success of the community and are already invested in the projects that help to improve it.

Local is the Best Choice

Local hydrovac and other contracting companies are the best choice for your project’s needs as they are agile, responsive, and able to get to site and to work quickly. When you choose local, you are making an efficient choice.

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