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How to react when you see a Hydrovac Truck

Maybe we are a little bit biased, but we like to think that the site of a hydrovac truck inspires awe and wonder. However, whether you are impressed by these mighty machines or barely notice them as you drive past, there are some important rules to follow for your safety, and for the safety of the team operating the unit.

When You See a Hydrovac Truck Working Beside a Busy Commuter Road

From time to time you’ll see a hydrovac truck operating beside or on a busy road. They could be flushing a line or culvert to remove a clog, helping to remove flood water after excess rain, or excavating utilities.

Slow down when passing a working hydrovac truck. Crews are operating in and around the truck, very close to traffic. Slowing down is especially important during compromised road conditions. Reduce your speed to prevent hydroplaning on water or skidding on ice.

Some people are very curious about what is going on (or are frustrated if the truck is causing traffic delays) and want to approach the truck to chat. Please don’t do this. To praise, complain, or just inquiry about what is going on, contact the hydrovac company when it is safe to do so (don’t call and drive). The company name will be prominently displayed on the truck. Approaching the truck compromises your safety and distracts the crew.

When You See a Hydrovac Truck on a Project Site

Hydrovac trucks work in tandem with many other trades on all sorts of project sites. As a member of another crew, we understand if you want to know more about the hydrovac’s role on the project.

Approach the crew during breaks, not while the truck is in operation. The trucks are excavating using water that is discharged under extreme pressure. The hydrovac crew is concentrating and observing strict safety protocols. Under normal circumstances, hydrovac operation is very safe, but if a person wanders too close or distracts the crew, safety is immediately compromised.

When You See a Hydrovac Truck Supporting Horizontal Drilling

Due to the nature of horizontal drilling sites, it’s unlikely anyone other than project members will see a hydrovac truck supporting operations of this nature. If you are one of the lucky ones on a horizontal drilling project and you see a hydrovac truck roll up, rejoice (and tell your industry colleagues about us)!

On a horizontal drill site, hydrovacs quickly remove drilling fluid that comes to the surface, and also assists with drilling, trenching, and exploration. The sight of a hydrovac on site means the project will be even more efficient, cost-effective, and safe for all involved.

Keep an Eye out For Rippin Edge

With our large fleet and presence on many local projects, it’s not difficult to spot a Rippin’ Edge hydrovac truck. We are the local hydrovac choice for horizontal drilling support, daylighting, pipeline break clean up, trenching, culvert cleanouts, and much more. Our goal is to provide exceptional service while maintaining site safety. If you see us, give us a wave. If you have questions about what we are up to, call our office. We are proud to be part of your community.

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