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Hydrovac Support is Essential for Horizontal Drilling

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

What is horizontal drilling?

Not all deposits of oil and gas are easy to access. When the deposit is abnormally shaped or cannot be accessed by vertical drilling, horizontal (also known as directional) drilling get the job done.

This is a relatively new procedure that has been picking up steam since the early 2010s. Since horizontal drilling uses a flexible hydraulic drill and is assisted by computer technology that feeds equipment operators real-time subsurface results, it’s no wonder why horizontal drilling is gaining in popularity. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s often a more efficient and cost-effective way to drill too.

However, horizontal drilling isn’t just for oil and gas exploration. It’s also an effective way to install pipelines and other utility infrastructure in areas where vertical trenching isn’t possible.

The mechanics of horizontal drilling include a bore that that uses drilling fluid to circulate out solids. When the fluids and slurry are forced to the surface, the debris must be quickly and safely removed. That’s just one area where hydrovac support comes in.

Hydrovac Support for Horizontal Drillers

Hydrovac contractors support horizontal drillers in several ways.

A hydrovac truck quickly and efficiently removes the drilling fluid that comes to the surface. The trucks also use their safe and non-destructive methods to help with drilling and to do locates. The water pressure doesn’t slice through any underground utilities, which is vital to know when lines are not properly marked, or maps are outdated.

Rippin Edge and Horizontal Drilling

Ripping Edge is pleased to be a local choice that is frequently engaged to support horizontal drillers in Bonnyville, Cold Lake and St. Paul. With the ability to access and work in all kinds of terrain, even frozen soil, rocky soil and hard packed clay, and with extra long hoses that allow us to operate up to 250 feet away from the excavation site, Ripping Edge has the equipment and expertise to assist on any horizontal drilling project in our target area. We focus on safety, efficiency, and ongoing training. Our trucks are always maintained, and we have communication protocols in place for 24/7 for contracting, project updates, and emergency responses. These are just some of the reasons why our customers rate us so highly.

Whether you are a company starting a horizontal drilling project or one looking for local, reliable, hydrovac support, Rippin Edge is the number to call.

Rippin Edge is an experienced hydrovac contractor serving the Bonnyville, Cold Lake and St. Paul areas. We have completed local energy company orientations in this area, which makes us the trained & trusted local choice. We thrive on providing quality hydrovac services for a variety of clients and projects in all industries.

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