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Locally Owned and Operated - Why it Matters

Rippin Edge is a locally owned and operated, family-run hydrovac company servicing the Bonnyville and Cold Lake area.

We know, you hear the words “locally owned” all the time! Why do companies like us promote being a local hydrovac business? Because it makes a huge difference when it comes to service – and providing you with the best possible service is what we are all about.

We Know the Area

A huge advantage of hiring a local hydrovac company is our knowledge of the area. Pipeline infrastructure in the Bonnyville and Cold Lake area is extensive – and expensive. Any damage to the pipes results in thousands, if not millions, in lost revenue and downtime for Alberta’s hard-working labour force.

As a local hydrovac company we have extensive experience in uncovering oil and gas infrastructure in the region, along with positive, longstanding relationships with the energy corporations that require our services.

We are also here for your trenching, culvert cleaning, and daylighting needs – which is also aided by our knowledge of the area.

We Are Agile and Responsive

Being a local hydrovac company means we can be extremely agile. The unfortunate reality is that some projects simply don’t go to plan and an emergency situation requires a hydrovac to be brought in, fast. Our agility means call us, and we will get out there. There are no layers of management to consult with, no boards to seek approval from, and no chain of command to invoke. Yes, we have our own managers and protocols, but they are designed around being there for you when you need us; and since we know the area (see the point above) we can assess the issue and design a hydrovac solution faster and with more accuracy than a non-local firm.

You Can Vet our Credentials

It’s kind of hard to sort out the list of credentials from a company who is certified out of province. Our certifications, memberships, and associations are easy to identify and include the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

We Invest Locally

This is home. This is where we live, work, play and raise our families. As a company we also invest here. We support local causes, we hire local talent, and we rely on local sources for our marketing and promote other local companies when we network.

We Earn Your Trust

You must trust your hydrovac company. After all, you are calling them in to use extremely powerful equipment to excavate up to 60 feet, sometimes in frozen conditions. Your hydrovac operators must be able to do all this with zero loss-time incidents to anyone on site, and without damaging any infrastructure. Oh, did we mention that many of the areas that require this have limited access?

As you can see, hydrovacing is not a process to be taken lightly. As we are a local hydrovac that is present in the community, you know you can trust us. We work hard to build that trust with you in our professional and personal lives.

Call Today to Get Started

Rippin Edge gives you the local advantage. Contact us today for effective, non-destructive excavation. Our services include excavating oil, gas and power infrastructure; trenching, test holes, line crossing, drill support, mud removal, daylighting, pile holes, pit digging, vac support and more. Visit or call (24/7) 780-812-0092 to get started.

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