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Rippin Edge’s Services – A Closer Look

Rippin Edge is a local hydrovac contractor serving Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and St. Paul. With a focus on quality service, well-maintained trucks and equipment, trained teams, rapid dispatch, and completing local energy company orientations, Rippin Edge is always ready to deliver outstanding services, as described below.


Hydro excavating is the process of moving soil with high-pressure water jets. It is the only non-destructive method of excavation and the best way to excavate around sensitive underground utilities. The water can be heated, which makes it ideal for excavating frozen or frosty soil, as is often the case in Alberta where the normal daytime low in the winter is between -5◦C and -15◦C. Hydro excavation is also a very tidy and efficient process, as the debris (slurry) created by the water jets is removed into a tank and safely disposed of later. Another advantage of hydrovacing is that it can be done from a distance. Long hoses reach up to 250 feet from the excavation site, making these trucks ideal for work in steep or hard-to-access locations.


Excavation and trenching are not the same activities, although they share some characteristics. An excavation is more like a pit, while trenching is a narrow opening. It is important to know the difference because both methods have different safety protocols. Trenches are usually dug to access (or provide access to) underground utilities. A trench always has the potential to collapse, presenting a major safety hazard for the people and equipment in the area. Rippin Edge’s trucks and operators have plenty of experience and training in efficiently and safely trenching for projects in the oil and gas, transportation, construction, residential, industrial, and utility industries.

Culvert Cleanouts

The powerful water jets of a hydrovac truck do more than excavate and trench. During the winter when ice and snow clog culverts, or during the spring when debris and meltwaters are an issue, Rippin Edge comes to the rescue with their culvert cleanout service. Using a hydrovac to clean culverts is an affordable and efficient way to safely get the job done. Pressurized water quickly dispatches ice clogs and debris, and the fact that the hoses can reach from 250 feet away means culverts in parks and other hard-to-access areas can still be easily accessed with a hydrovac truck.


From fences to sign posts, there are many reasons why companies, projects, or municipalities may need potholes. The fast and incredibly precise way to dig a pothole is to use a hydrovac truck. The powerful water jets mean not having to wait for warm weather or thawed soil – you can have your potholes dug any time of the year. The fact that we cart away the slurry too means you don’t have to deal with the displaced soil.

These are just some of the many services offered by Rippin Edge hydrovac. To learn more, visit, and to keep up with our adventures in the field, follow us on Facebook.

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