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Top Questions to Ask a Hydrovac Contractor

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

You have a choice when it comes to hydrovac contractors in Bonnyville and Cold Lake, so how can you ensure you select the best one for your project(s)? Ask prospective contractors the following questions to determine if they have the expertise you need.

Questions to Ask Your Hydrovac Contractor

1. What is your range of experience?

Even if you only need a culvert cleaned, having a hydrovac contractor on hand with experience across a multitude of services (trenching, test holes, excavating, etc.) is important. Experience means knowing what to do if unexpected issues arise and knowing the most efficient methods of getting the job done. It’s also likely that you’ll need additional services from your hydrovac contractor for other projects in the future, so building a relationship with one experienced team gives you a go-to resource when you need their services.

2. What is your safety record?

Safety should be your hydrovac contractor’s top priority. Ask if the company has these protocols in place: a walkthrough of the site to assess hazards before work starts, a procedure for reporting incidents, proper PPE, and well-maintained equipment. You should also ask about the company’s loss time incident record.

3. Are you a member of any industry associations?

Association membership demonstrates proactivity in ongoing training, networking, safety and best practices. Memberships your contractor should be a part of include (but are not limited to) the local Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

4. Are you COR/SECOR certified?

A Certificate of Recognition (COR), or a Small Employer COR (SECOR) can be earned by companies that have invested in and developed a health and safety program that meets or exceeds provincial standards. The certification is not bestowed until an auditor evaluates the health and safety program. Once approved, the certificate is signed by both Alberta Labour and the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. If your hydrovac contractor is COR certified, you can be assured that they prioritize the health and safety of everyone on the job site.

5. Are you invested in the community?

It is important for communities to invest in and support their local businesses, but it is equally important for those businesses to invest in and support their communities. Ask about which causes your prospective hydrovac contractor supports. Many support local sports teams, food banks, and toy drives, for example.

6. Do you have testimonials?

Ask your hydrovac contractor for testimonials from previous clients. You can also check their Facebook page or Google reviews to learn what others are saying about them.

7. What is your training program and what are your credentials?

Not only should your hydrovac contractor only be working with a trained team, they should also be engaged in ongoing training as technology and best work practices change. Ask your hydrovac contractor for proof of training and certifications. Also know that every oil company has a mandatory orientation process for contractors. A hydrovac company that has completed multiple orientations and has been cleared for work with specific energy companies is a company you know you can trust.

Why Ask Your Hydrovac Contractor These Questions?

Hydrovac contractors must be able to work efficiently in what can be very dangerous situations, and are often working around infrastructure that costs millions of dollars. Whomever you choose must be experienced and have an outstanding safety record. Ongoing training and community engagement further increase your trust. When a hydrovac contractor has positive answers to the seven questions above, you know you have found a team you can rely on.

Rippin Edge is an experienced hydrovac contractor serving Bonnyville, Cold Lak,e and St. Paul. We are the trusted choice for, and have completed orientation with, the local energy companies in this area, and we enjoy providing outstanding service for a variety of clients and projects in all industries. To learn more, visit

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