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What are the Benefits of Hydro Excavating?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hydrovacing is the process of excavating using a high-pressure water jet and a powerful vacuum. The soil – even difficult soil like hard packed clay or frozen dirt – is liquified by the heated water and pressure, then vacuumed up and stored in the hydrovac’s debris tank. Later, the slurry is discharged in a safe and designated area, and reused as clean fill.

There are many benefits to using a hydrovac over other excavation methods. Today we will look at just a few of those benefits.

Cost Savings

Since a hydrovac truck can quickly and efficiently cut through soil, dirt, mud, slush, and clay, contracting a hydrovac service means significant cost savings. Most project overruns come from unforeseeable delays, such as Alberta’s unpredictable weather.

It’s not just staying on schedule that saves money on projects. When digging with conventional mechanical equipment, pipelines, utility lines, graves and other buried items that must be carefully preserved are at great risk. It only takes a slight miscalculation to slice through a line – and when that happens, the budget increases to repair the damage – or even worse people could be hurt or killed.

Although the water and vacuum on a hydrovac truck are extremely powerful, they are also surprisingly gentle. Underground utilities and items can be safely uncovered without risk of damage using varying water pressures and rubber tips.

Clean and Safe Project Sites

Traditional excavation leaves big piles of dirt that must be replaced or hauled away (at added cost). A hydrovac truck turns that excavated material into a slurry and stores it in the tank, making for a much cleaner and safer project site. Again, costs are saved as another contractor does not have to be called in to deal with the excavated soil.

Hard to Reach Sites

With extra long hoses, a hydrovac truck can be up to 250 feet away from the excavation site. Despite the longer hoses for these hard-to-reach areas, the suction is just as strong as with the shorter hose, meaning no extra (and again, costly) time must be budgeted when a hydrovac truck is in a tricky and hard to reach area.

A Special Advantage

There is a very big advantage when you call in a local hydrovac company. Local contractors know the area, know the projects, and have taken the training and special courses necessary to be on specific long-term project sites.

Thinking Excavation? Think Hydrovac

Hydrovac excavation has many advantages over excavating with conventional mechanical equipment. When you need an excavation, test holes, trenching, daylighting, etc., think Rippin Edge. We are the local, trusted, proven, experienced choice that will keep your project on time and on budget.

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