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What Do Hydrovac Contractors Do?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

We recently detailed what hydrovac trucks do; today we will learn about the men and women that operate the trucks. When you call a hydrovac contractor, you are not just getting a powerful machine that can safely and efficiently blast through frozen ground without cutting important utilities. You are getting a truck/contractor unit that is an integral part of your project.

Hydrovac Contractors Spend a Lot of Time in Training

Training is essential for driving and operating the trucks, and to work safely on the job site. Hydrovac contractors undergo training at regular intervals to ensure they remain updated on equipment operation and on best work practices.

Hydrovac Contractors Focus on Communication

Hydrovac contractors are often part of large projects where many different subtrades are present and schedules are paramount. Communication and transparency are very important for the different teams working together. Communication is also needed so the entire team can adapt on the go if an event, such as a weather delay, changes the schedule. Never underestimate the power of communication on a multi-disciplined project. Poor communication can cost millions in lost time and accidents, and destroys the teams’ morale.

Hydrovac Contractors are Versatile

Hydrovacing is a great way to simplify several jobs on one project. The same truck that performs excavating can also remove excess water from a site – water like what we’ve seen during the higher-than-average rainfalls in Western Alberta in 2019. Rather than wait for a site to dry out, hydrovac contractors can quickly suck up pooling water and get everyone back to work faster.

Hydrovac Contractors are Night Owls

Some projects run 24/7. Some emergency situations happen in the middle of the night. Hydrovac contractors are always at the ready so all you have to do is call. Since the truck(s) need to be operational at any given moment, hydrovac contractors make sure the fleet is maintained, PPE is on board, and equipment operators can be reached by phone. Rippin Edge prides itself on it’s 24-hour dispatch service, ensuring locals can get the help they need, when they need it.

Hydrovac Contractors are Safety Conscious

When you are operating equipment that can cut 60’ into the ground through any type of soil, safety must be top of mind. Hydrovac contractors take safety very – extremely – seriously. From walkarounds of the truck before they leave the garage to pre-site inspections, from having all the necessary PPE for the job to first aid kits and extinguishers on each truck, and from rigorous safety training to maintaining all the necessary certifications and tickets, your hydrovac contractor makes safety a top priority.

Serious Hydrovac Contractors Invest in the Best Equipment

For every call a hydrovac contractor gets, there is a company on the other end of the line that has a project with a deadline and a budget that needs to be respected. Professional hydrovac contractors know this, so they invest in the equipment that is best for the job.

Rippin Edge has invested in larger trucks with outstanding suction capabilities – with strong enough vacuum suction to lift large rocks. Rather than leaving rocks in the hole and wasting time washing around them, most rocks can safely be lifted out using the boom and vac pressure. Rippin’s powerful trucks are also easy to set up, meaning the time from arriving to digging can be less than 20 minutes (which includes a thorough hazard assessment to ensure safety is a priority). All of their crews know how to set up and utilize the remote hose extensions that can be assembled rapidly for jobs up to 250 feet from the hydrovac. This enables them to access hard-to-reach areas quickly and safely. Due to the extra-powerful trucks, suction in the remote hose is just as strong as in the shorter ones, which, once again, keeps projects moving smoothly on time and on (or even below) budget.

Rippin Edge is the Hydrovac Contractor you can Trust

To us, hydrovacing is so much more than excavation. As your local hydrovac contractors we do a lot of work behind the scenes so when we show up on your site, we arrive fully trained and prepared for any situation with all the gear and equipment we need to do the job efficiently, safely, and beyond your expectations.

Rippin Edge is an experienced hydrovac contractor serving the Bonnyville, Cold Lake and St. Paul areas. We have completed local energy company orientations in this area, which make us the trained & trusted local choice. We thrive on providing quality hydrovac services for a variety of clients and projects in all industries. To learn more, visit

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