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When should you call a Hydrovac Service?

You know the saying – not all heroes wear capes. However, did you know that sometimes they wear coveralls and drive a really big truck? Sometimes the hero you need is the one that can do a fast, safe and efficient excavation or water removal, so your expensive project can stay on schedule or your flooded road can be made safe.

Today we’ll look at when a hydrovac service can save the day.

Excavation on a Sensitive Site

Blasting through metres of dense soil, clay and frozen tundra may sound destructive, but hydrovacing is surprising gentle. As the earth is liquified by the process, powerful hoses suck up the debris. There are no sharp blades cutting down, no piles of dirt – it’s a fast, clean and efficient way to excavate.

Sensitive sites include burial grounds, sites with artifacts, and sites where pipelines and utilities are present. Digging with a blade can destroy infrastructure or damage artifacts. A hydrovac, on the other hand, uncovers the target safely.

Water Removal

The summer of 2019 has been a wet one in Alberta. From the first of June to July 27, there were a whopping 22 days of rainfall. It’s one of four summers in the past 10 years with more than 20 days of rain in June and early July.

For builders, this is not good news. It’s difficult to work in wet conditions, and even more difficult to lay foundations or frame buildings when the ground is a soupy mess.

Once again, it’s a hydrovac truck to the rescue. Why wait for a site to dry out (only to get rained on again) when a hydrovac truck can remove the large pools of water and get everyone back to work faster? Downtime due to weather is costly. Having the crew being able to work regardless of the ground conditions is priceless.


In some areas of Alberta, drainage infrastructure has not been able to keep up to the rainfall. It’s not always aging systems – sometimes a blockage in a pipe or culvert causes water to back up onto the road – and flow towards residential basements.

Nothing cleans a culvert faster than a hydrovac truck. Quickly after setup, the truck can get through the clog and restore the flow of water away from the road (and homes).

The Heroes You Need

Any time there is a project that needs a safe excavation, a building site that needs watery mud removed, or flooded road with a backed up culvert, you need a hydrovac truck.

Rippin Edge is an experienced hydrovac contractor serving the Bonnyville, Cold Lake and St. Paul areas. We have completed local energy company orientations in this area, which make us the trained & trusted local choice. We thrive on providing quality hydrovac services for a variety of clients and projects in all industries. To learn more, visit

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