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Waterline locating services

Water is the most essential natural resource we need. So, it is a good thing that 70% of this planet is covered with water. We need water to survive & luckily, we have a system in most Canadian towns or cities that provide clean, fresh potable water right to our fingertips, even hot water almost instantly!


So, the last thing you need is a disrupted supply of water to your home and/or office. Try to imagine a day without water. Insufficient water supply can render you unable to carry out your day-to-day activities like cooking & cleaning.

So, what’s the need for our waterline locating services in Cold Lake?

A wise man once said, ‘The only thing constant in the world is change’. This is evident by the fact that you can see construction work in progress all around you. New office buildings, residential properties, etc., require a strong basement and foundation. This requires wide and underground excavation. But if you are unaware of the location of the underground utilities, such as waterlines, the heavy machinery used for the excavation and construction can end up damaging these utilities, which can be extremely expensive to repair.

This is precisely where our exceptional buried utilities locating services in Bonnyville come in handy. Whether you want to locate these underground utilities to repair existing damage or prevent any damage before construction work starts, our waterline locating services in Cold Lake are unparalleled.


Why not just go with the traditional excavating process?

While conventional excavation processes might be effective in some cases, they certainly don’t work in all situations like these:

  • Utilities will still need to be located prior to excavation around them.

  • Sometimes you can’t get an excavator in to dig in tight areas.

  • Deep excavations make big spoil piles which you may not have the room to pile up & they are expensive to haul away.

  • You may be in condensed underground utility areas where you have to excavate around gas lines, electrical lines, etc., or even underneath them to get to deep water lines.

  • Budgets don’t cover hauling excavators to & from a location.


So, why work with our waterline locating services in Bonnyville?

We offer you a team of experienced professionals equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, and skills to do an adequate job. What’s more, our modern equipment ensures that the whole process becomes more efficient and safer for everyone utilizing a full HSE program & active SECOR.

So, if you haven’t already, reach out to us to know more about our exceptional waterline locating services in Bonnyville.

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