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About Us

When you need to safely locate underground utilities or dig around delicate areas, call Rippin Edge Hydrovac Services Inc. in Bonnyville. Our hydro-vac services provide a safe, efficient and financially competitive excavation way for clients throughout Cold Lake and surrounding areas to remove ground materials. The hydro-vac process uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, soil, clay and other ground materials and it has proven to be safer and faster than traditional excavation methods. Call Rippin Edge Hydrovac Services today for your excavation projects.

Rippin Edge Hydrovac Services Inc is a dynamic fast growing company started in 2011 offering 24 hour service. With an agricultural background the founders have years of experience in operation and maintenance of heavy equipment as well as adaptive problem solving abilities. Offering competitive rates and the highest quality of hydro excavation. Exceeding safety standards within our industry in order to provide the safest work environment possible.


Rippin Edge Hydrovac is an effective non-destructive method of excavating as an alternative to mechanical equipment or hand digging. Hydrovacs are safer and faster than traditional excavating methods when digging in close proximity to underground utilities. Rippin Edge Hydrovac uses vacuum and pressurized water to quickly, safely and cleanly excavate around utilities and pipelines.  Applications in the oil, gas, power trasmission, sewer, and major utility industries include trenching, test holes, line crossing, drill support, mud removal, daylighting, pile hole, pits, vac support, and clean ups.

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