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Pipeline Excavation Services Lac La Biche

What is pipeline excavation? It is the process of removing the soil or ground materials that it has been buried in. You can do this in several ways. To get the overburden soil off you can use mechanical digging equipment like backhoes, trackhoes, loaders, bobcats, light dozers etc. These methods are only good to a certain depth or vicinity to the vulnerable pipeline that is protecdted by the dirt surrounding it. This is when a more delicate method is required.  Back in the old days they would get as close as they think they can get to where the pipeline is without hitting it & then hand expose it with picks or shovels. Gladly, we now have a more efficient method called Hydrovac which makes the dirt into a muddy slurry & then is sucked away through a vacuum dig tub onto the Hydrovac. This is the least intrusive way to expose the pipeline in an excavation.

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