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Electrical line locating services

Thanks to the advent of technology and the rapid pace at which it is evolving, our lives are becoming more and more dependent on electricity. That’s why adequate electric supply has become a basic necessity.

Our exceptional electrical lines locating services in Cold Lake can help you locate these lines underground with minimal effort and time on your part.

But why are these lines underground in the first place?

Believe it or not, these lines did not always use to be hidden beneath the ground, invisible to us. There was a time when you could see them as clear as the sky hanging from an electric tower. So, why are they laid underground now?

  • Safety, even though most of the power lines are run under the ground in urban areas, they are still above ground beside highways on long stretches or even coming from large power generating plants. The reason they are underground in urban areas is so that nobody contacts them. In rural areas, even though they are marked & easily seen, it is common for equipment to contact overhead power lines. This includes construction, farmers, or even car accidents.

  • They help beautify the place. It is natural that the authorities would prefer to make their areas as aesthetically appealing as possible, and a bunch of unsightly wires all over the place sure don’t help make the place look better. Once they are underground, they perform the same, yet they don’t ruin the view of a clear sky.

  • The earth provides natural insulation. Electric wires, especially the ones carrying more intensive energy, can be somewhat dangerous. Once they are beneath the ground, the soil provides natural insulation to us from such powerful energy, making it safe for everyone.

  • Electric wires can be somewhat sensitive. So, when exposed to open air, a number of factors, including strong winds, UV-light, lightning, etc., can severely damage the wires, which can lead to them becoming ineffective and even inefficient.

That’s why whenever construction work starts, it is crucial to know the location of these utilities, as heavy machinery used for construction can damage these sensitive utilities and cause a massive disruption for everyone. This is precisely where our electrical lines locating services in Cold Lake excel.

How do our services work?

It can be quite challenging to locate these wires, which require excavating an area without damaging them. Exertion of any unnecessary force or use of improper tools can harm these utilities. That’s why we use a very simple yet effective process using water & vacuum.

Utilizing Hydrovac technology employs the use of highly pressurized jetted water to loosen the earth and create a slurry. This slurry is sucked up using a heavy-duty vacuum created by the Hydrovac truck. It then goes through the suction hose to a debris tank onboard. This slurry contains the water used to create the mud. The whole process is incredibly efficient and safer for everyone. The non-destructive nature of water ensures that the underground utilities are safe from any damage and it becomes easily accessible for further work.

Fortunately, all you need to do to hire our incredible electrical lines locating services in Cold Lake is make a quick phone call to the number on our contact page.

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