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Horizontal Directional Drilling

In this rapidly urbanizing world and with so much construction going on, it is only natural that contractors and construction companies would come up with new innovative methods to make the whole process more efficient and effective.

Let’s say you want to install some expensive oil pipelines underground, but a shallow riverbed is blocking your way. The traditional excavation process using manual labor or even heavy machinery wouldn’t be feasible here. If so, it would be damaging to the river & fragile aquatic lives that live in it. So, what are your options? This is precisely where we, one of the best service supports for Horizontal Directional Drilling, come in.

But precisely what is HDD?

To understand it simply, HDD refers to drilling horizontally, historically drilling was done vertically, like drilling rigs on oil & gas wells that are common these days. With the advancement of directional drilling technology, we are seeing this process translate into drilling horizontally (sideways) right from the start to finish of the hole. This means the drill string runs parallel to the surface of the ground. This drilling process is generally shallow in comparison to conventional vertical wells. It is just below the surface where other utilities are buried. When the hole has been drilled, the pipeline is pulled back through the hole that was drilled & set into position.

So, what makes HDD a better alternative to conventional methods?

  • First and foremost, it’s an environmental issue. In conventional applications, the ground is mechanically dug up & piled in spoil piles beside the excavation. This means digging through forests, roads, across rivers, beside lakes, over mountains, etc. With HDD, you can set up in one place & dig basically unobtrusively through sensitive areas with little to no surface disruptions.

  • Less equipment equals less money! With a directional drill, you can get away with only a few pieces of equipment in most applications. This means you can save money.

  • Accessing areas is restricted due to surface restraints. These obstructions are more difficult to maneuver around than when just drilling under them. For example, in a river, you’d have to block off the flow & do one side or divert the water around until the excavation is complete. This is a huge disruption to the river & expense for the company doing the install. With HDD, you just essentially drill right underneath it with zero disruption above.

So, if you are looking to install some utilities, HDD is definitely the way to go. It helps you conserve a considerable amount of capital, time, and effort on your part with minimal disruption to the environment.


But why consider us?

Our Hydrovacs offer experienced crews for Horizontal Directional Drill services in Cold Lake. We provide modern Hydrovac equipment to support the process. Not to mention our personnel have years of experience working alongside HDD contractors in Cold Lake. We can move your drilling fluids safely & efficiently!

So, if you are still on edge, why not give us a call for a consultation? We assure you that you can’t find better support for HDD contractors in Cold Lake.

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