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Shoring Installation

What is Shoring? Shoring is an engineered structure that is placed inside an excavation in order to eliminate sloughing, cave-ins, & crumbling soil from falling into work areas. 

How is it installed? Shoring is placed over top of the excavation site where it is to be installed. It is typically held with a crane or picker while the hydrovac operator hydrovacs the edges down under the shoring. The shoring naturally settles into place while the crane or picker lets it down. Once in position the crane or picker is unhooked & the work area is secured. 

The advantages? When using shoring you do not have to use slopping in loose soils or in tight areas under permanent structures. It is also for long term projects that require an excavation to remain open for extended periods of time which could be affected by whether or ground water. Using shoring creates a very stable & safe working area. Also, it reduces the costs of Hydrovacing in certain situations.

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