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Sewer line locating services

Think about all the water you consume in a day, not just for drinking, but also for cooking, doing your dishes, laundry, etc. Now think about all the water you dispose of in your household and office. Every time you flush, you dispose of a considerable amount of wastewater. So, if you don’t have an adequate water disposal system in place, your ability to carry out your day-to-day activities can be significantly disrupted. Anyone that has had a basement back up with septic knows how important this is. Fortunately, these days, sewer lines are installed in place to ensure efficient and effective disposal. So, where do our incredible sewer line locating services in Cold Lake come into play?

Factors that can damage these sewer lines

Unfortunately, there are several factors that can be behind your sewer system’s inefficiency or even lead to their breakdown, such as:

  • Human faults: Think about young kids potentially flushing down an empty toothpaste tube or one of their toys. These solid objects clog the sewer pipes. This can lead to water pressure building up behind the blockage, which backs up the fluids & typically into your home. This is the primary reason why there is a massive demand for sewer line locating services in Cold Lake.

  • Age: Sometimes, the sewer lines are just old. They get brittle & crack, allowing dirt to fill them.

  • Freezing: If the effluent fluids inside freeze, they expand, bursting PVC pipes.

  • Tree roots: It may not seem like it, but tree roots are pretty strong. To ensure the growth of the tree, these roots spread more extensively beneath the ground. Sometimes these roots come in contact with sewer lines and damage them severely.


So, how can our sewer line locating services in Bonnyville be of help?

We are fast! Typically, homeowners are on tight budgets & septic repairs are outside of regular budgets. We have experienced crews that are pros at underground locating services in Bonnyville. They are familiar with sewer systems & what to expect. In many situations, plumbers rely on us to help locate the problem or isolate where it is. The beauty of Hydrovacing sewer lines is that we can go right from snaking the line to find the blockage to excavating it to make the repairs seamlessly. This modern piece of equipment, referred to as the “snake”, is a self-propelling and long hose that sprays water at high pressure and intensity to break down any blockage and give your pipe a deep cleanse.

So, if you haven’t already, you should consider contacting us to work with our exceptional sewer line locating services in Bonnyville.

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