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Daylighting Excavation Services Lac La Biche

Daylighting or excavating is the process of digging a hole to expose underground facilities. This is done to inspect underground facilities like water pipes, electrical lines, fibre optic cables, gas lines, etc for cracks, leaks, ruptures. As well as test for internal & external corrosion or erosion. Industrial and residential communities all need to “daylight” or excavate their facilities sooner or later. It is extremely important in the reduction of leaks or spills. Hydro excavation has become the most common way to reduce costs by minimizing labour time, increasing speed of excavating & reducing line ruptures.

Traditionally, daylighting or excavating is done using mechanical excavation equipment like a Trackhoe or by hand shovelling. A Trackhoe is a heavy piece of equipment that has a digging bucket mounted on a tracked tractor. Since the digging bucket is large, it poses a risk of damaging the underground utilities and moves far more dirt than is necessary.

Heavy machinery also brings safety risks to nearby citizens and to the laborers. A malfunction in the equipment can cause tragic accidents that can be avoided using the hydro excavation methods instead. As well as maneuvering them around electrical lines overhead or high pressure explosive gasses common in these areas underground.

Hand digging is a very intensive job which takes extensive time & effort. Digging by hand has caused many injuries from the intense manual labour. 

With the development of hydro excavation, you can eliminate nearly all of the downsides of traditional excavation methods. Hydro excavation provides a safe and non-mechanical process that will keep everyone involved secure. It’s also the most efficient & accurate way to make sure that there will be no additional expenses.

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