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Impressive Hydrovac Facts to Impress Your Next Party Guests

The Christmas season is almost upon us and that means your social calendar is filling up fast. Whether you are throwing your own Christmas party or attending a partner’s company shindig, you need to have a few icebreakers to get the conversation started. We are here to help you with that! Strike up a conversation with a stranger by impressing them with these handy hydrovac facts!

Hydrovac Trucks are the Ultimate Gentle Giants

With water jets capable of moving at 3,000 PSI, it’s easy to think that hydrovac trucks are destructive, but this is simply not the case. The high pressure slices easily through soil and clay (even when the ground is frozen), but when the pressure is lowered, it gently uncovers underground utilities. When best practices are used, a hydrovac always reduces the risk of cutting through a line or utility when compared to an excavator. Party Fact: Hydrovacs are one of the only non-destructive methods of industrial and construction excavation.

Hydrovac Trucks Have a Great Reach

The excavation site is 200 feet away from the road? No problem. A hydrovac truck’s extra long hose can reach up to 250 feet away from the site, making it the most convenient way to work in tight or difficult to access areas.

Burning Hot or Freezing Cold? It Doesn’t Matter

Alberta weather is impressive. It can feel like Antarctica in the morning and a coastal beach by the afternoon. While some equipment’s instruments (and operators) can be affected by the weather, Rippin’ Edge’s hydrovac trucks and crews perform at optimal levels whether they are cleaning up muddy water on a construction site or cutting through frozen ground up north. Party Fact: A hydrovac’s water jet removes dirt and soil by layers as it goes deeper, which is partly why it such a gentle way to excavate.

Setting Up is Faster Than you Think

Rippin’ Edge’s highly trained operators can complete a hazard assessment, set up, and have the truck ready to work within 20 minutes of arriving on site. Party Fact: A trained, experienced crew saves the project money because no time is wasted in getting to and setting up on site.

Hydrovac Trucks are Incredibly Versatile

Although best known as excavators, hydrovac trucks are also used as: vacuum tanks, for thawing frozen lines and plugged septic lines, cleanup crews for pipeline breaks, trenchers, culvert cleaners, hole diggers and more. Fun Fact: A hydrovac truck can save time and money on projects for several industries, including utilities, energy, transportation and construction.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

As the snow starts to fly and the holiday season ramps up, everyone here at Rippin Edge wishes you safe and happy days on the road, at work, and on project sites.

Rippin Edge is an experienced hydrovac contractor serving the Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and St. Paul areas. We have completed local energy company orientations in this area, which makes us the trained and trusted local choice. We thrive on providing quality hydrovac services for a variety of clients and projects in all industries.

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