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Unexpected Encounters: What a Cold Lake Hydrovac Could Uncover

A hydrovac truck is one of the safest and most efficient ways to excavate. Do you ever wonder what one of our trucks might uncover on a job site? It’s not uncommon for any type of excavation to result in a surprise! Here are some things our Cold Lake hydrovac service could uncover, along with the professional way Rippin Edge handles each scenario.

Archeologically Sensitive Sites

Alberta is filled with archeological wonders just waiting to be rediscovered. In fact, more than 80 percent of the archeological sites in this province are pre-contact. That means the sites pre-date European influence. Digs could uncover rock art, prehistoric tools, Indigenous ceremonial sites, homesteads, and much more. Important artifacts like pottery and pictographs must be carefully removed and preserved.

Rippin Edge’s Cold Lake hydrovac operators are trained on what to do when unexpectedly encountering an archeologically sensitive site. The project manager is informed, and work is halted so the site can be secured.


From unmarked graves to misadventure, human and animal bones are frequent finds. The presence of bones could indicate an important archeological site, conclude the search for a missing person, or simply be a long-forgotten grave of a treasured pet. Regardless, when bones are seen on an excavation site, Cold Lake hydrovac truck operators must stop operations and call in the authorities so an investigation can take place.

Unmarked Utilities

As a trusted Cold Lake hydrovac service, Rippin Edge’s work starts long before the trucks arrive on site. We examine the maps and topography of the area, along with files indicating where utilities are buried. However, not all utilities can be located prior to digging. Sometimes records are lost through human error, the passage of time or something has been buried and simply not recorded. The chances of striking an old utility line are something Rippin Edge considers on every project.

Hydrovac excavation gently removes soil (even hard-packed clay and frozen dirt) layer by layer. This is the safest way to operate where unmarked utilities may be present. An excavator with a bucket or blade could easily slice through a gas or power line, causing a massive safety issue and millions of dollars in damage, but a Cold Lake hydrovac such as Rippin Edge will uncover the unmarked lines without damage.

Rippin Edge is the Cold Lake and Area Hydrovac Service You Need

Rippin Edge is pleased to serve Cold Lake and area with professional hydrovac services. In addition to being the trusted local choice, our teams are trained on what to do when we uncover the unexpected. For all your hydrovac needs, along with other services such as daylighting, trenching, culvert clean outs, test holes, line crossings, and pipeline cleanups, rely on Rippin Edge.

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May 18, 2020

Oh man! Wouldn't that be something to uncover during <a href=""> excavation </a> ? Can't imagine how exciting it would be to uncover an archeology site! Good post!!

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